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Exciting News!

Becky Brittain is the author of The Art of Sparkling: Share Your Inner Light with the World, which will be available as a paperback and ebook  on August 14, 2020.  Pre-orders are available on Amazon.

Published by Weeping Willow Books.

“From the first moment I met Becky, sparkling has been the word I use to describe her effervescent, twinkling essence. The Art of Sparkling is her unconditional loving gift. You will learn how to sparkle and share your special unique light and love in this magical way. You will also get to tag along with her in her life journey as she is inspired and blessed by moments with sparkling keepers. Enjoy, have fun, and share the light!”

       —Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., author of Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting Babies’ Wholeness from the Beginning of Life

The Art of Sparkling, Share Your Inner Light with the World

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Sparkle like the Sun!

DANCE IN LIGHT offers Individual Coaching, Energetic Clearing, Online Movement Classes and Sparkling Transmissions.  

Our unique services combine  to rejuvenate and enlighten the whole you. 

You will:  

Discover your true authentic self and soul purpose. 

Connect with your heart and ignite your Divine spark.

Make positive changes  to awaken to a joyful and creative life.

Upgrade your physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects for wellness, vitality, and  strength of  life force. 

Express your spirit  through creative movement and sparkling.  

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Everything is Energy

You are an energetic and spiritual being in a physical body!

You have fields of light around your body. This light is life giving. 

All your energy fields carry information about you. Clear your energetic fields to help create your NEW sparkling reality. 

Your state of being reflects your frequency and level of consciousness.

Raise your energetic vibration for health and  to  evolve.

Learn to master your energy to align with your highest energetic potentials.

Dance  daily in  your luminous light!  

Becky Brittain, PhD

Your Experienced Guide

Becky Brittain, PhD, R-DMT is a transformational coach, psychotherapist in private practice, registered dance-movement therapist, and a trained energy healer and transmitter. As your inspirational guide, she is a Master of Light, Energy and Dance, who has been called the “Queen of Sparkling.”

She is the author of The Art of Sparkling, A Dance in Light. This new book teaches you how to share your inner light and positive energy anywhere, any time. 


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